Export Clearance Experts

Our experienced team are here to support your business by guiding you through the process, ensuring your goods move through the borders as seamlessly as possible.

Export entries can be completed once the load is confirmed, so we can provide you with the references and documentation required by the time of collection. 

Between January – June 2021, we will be able to complete ‘arrived’ export declarations, meaning you will receive permission to progress before the goods leave the collection point, providing reassurance to all parties that there will be no additional customs checks at the point of UK exit. 

We pride ourselves in going the extra mile, with quarterly compliance reviews to keep protect your business from inadvertently breaching and customs rules, and specialist support such as classification where required. 

Export Process


Claire Dalton
customs supervisor

Claire is experienced in completing entries and now helps onboard new clients and manages CHIEF entry testing and setup. Claire also manages our AEO compliant procedures and is responsible for regular entry auditing within our customs software, with a focus on maintaining high compliance levels and therefore reducing client risk.

Emma Long
customs entry specialist

Emma brings a wealth of analytical thinking to her role, having just completed a masters degree. She has rapidly built up an excellent understanding of UK import and export customs declarations and systems and also assists with our clients quarterly audit reviews with a view to reporting on potential savings opportunities such as warehousing and IP.


James has 20 years experience working with UK import and export customs declarations across all areas of the tariff. An expert in classification, origin and valuation with a background in commercial importing James brings a comprehensive knowledge in completing accurate customs declarations and enabling smooth custom clearances with HMRC.