Export Clearance Experts

Our experienced team are here to support your business by guiding you through the process, ensuring your goods move through the borders as seamlessly as possible.

Export entries can be completed once the load is confirmed, so we can provide you with the references and documentation required by the time of collection. 

Our team understand the complexities of load completion, and as this often happens late in the day, we have a dedicated nightshift working 7 days a week to ensure that as soon as you are ready to export your goods, there are no delays in getting access to the customs paperwork required to depart. 

If you are exporting to Europe and the importer requires inland clearance, we can also raise a transit movement to allow onward travel to the ultimate clearance point. 

We pride ourselves in going the extra mile, with quarterly compliance reviews to keep protect your business from inadvertently breaching and customs rules, and specialist support such as classification where required. 

Export Process


senior customs supervisor

GIULIA oversees the export and transit department, onboards new clients and is often the first point of contact for HMRC & Border Force. Giulia also manages our transit guarantee and export CFSP approval.

Giulia is fluent in English and Italian

customs broker

Ashley focuses on raising export and transport movements with an emphasis on quick turnaround times. During quieter periods Ashley supports the imports team. Ashley is fluent in English.

customs broker

Isaac joined Avocet on an apprentice scheme and is currently working towards his qualification. Isaac focuses on outbound, ENS, export and transit movements during the afternoons and evenings. Isaac is fluent in English