Additional Arrangements

A summary of the types of goods covered by additional arrangements is listed below. Contact our specialist team who can advise how we can support the import or export of these shipments by making all necessary declarations on your behalf. 

Goods Covered by International Conventions

  • Temporary import of non-perishables (ATA Carnets)
  • Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)

Sanitary and Phytosanitary Goods

Animal products (Products of Animal Origin and Animal By-Products)

  • High-Risk Food and Feed Not of Animal Origin (HRFNAO)
  • Plants and Plant Products
  • Fishery products for human consumption
  • Live animals and germinal products
  • Equines

Goods with Specific Customs Requirements

  • Excise goods

Other Goods

  • Products: Market Surveillance of non-food consumer product imports
  • Drug precursors, Civilian firearms, Cultural objects, Rough diamonds. Explosives
  • Medicines, Medical isotopes, Organs/bloods/cells/tissues


senior customs supervisor

Ben undertakes the import clearances for some of our key accounts and is often the first point of contact for HMRC & Border Force. Ben is fluent in English & Polish.

Senior customs supervisor

Kat specialises in import clearances with multiple origins, deferment and FAS payments and complex products such as live animals and shellfish. Kat is fluent in English, Slovak and Polish

Senior Customs broker

Jaime supports the import clearance team and completes declarations for CFSP supplementary declarations. Jaime is fluent in English and Spanish